My name is Melissa Turi. I am a graphic designer based in Akron, Ohio and graduating this May from The University of Akron Myers School of Art. I am going for a bachelor in fine arts majoring in graphic design and a minor in digital imaging. My experience ranges from illustration and photography to lettering and web design. In my spare time I collect and restore vintage bicycles and create lettering side projects. I enjoy road trips/traveling and musicals, these are a few of my favorite things ( see how I fit that in there, "The Sound of Music").

My design style is inspired by clean and simple designs. I keep connected in the design field by following many design and designers' blogs. These blogs give me valuable information and the ambition to push my designs further by looking at their work and posts. The subject of people returning to hand made things for example; letterpress, screen print, and hand lettering interests me, even though I embrace the fast pace of technology with responsive, mobile apps, and web in general. It's always enjoyable to get my hands dirty, once in a while, by making something hand crafted. My skills in problem solving and attention to detail benefits my designs. As a designer, my intention is to make a statement and to impact an audience.

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